The Onely Map

An interactive map of Google Chrome usage statistics

The map is currently available at

This map aggregates data from the Chrome User Experience Report database to show which device and connection types are used by Google Chrome users in different countries to visit an average website.

Hover over a country to discover how users in that country are browsing the web using the world’s most popular browser. Use the control panel to show historic data and adjust which variable is reflected by the colors on the map.

If you want to take a closer look at the data, click the “View the data table” tab above the map. You can freely filter the data for specific countries and months, allowing you to better understand trends in Google Chrome usage.

Use this data to learn more about the markets you’re operating in and observe the global shifts in how the Google Chrome browser is used.

If you’re interested in more detailed Chrome usage statistics, the Google Chrome Usage Report uncovers and highlights the most recent trends and key insights drawn from the CrUX database about how Chrome users access the web.