is a private jet charter company that suffered a visibility loss for over three years. Luckily, we came up with solutions that helped them soar higher – not only in the sky but also in the rankings.

stratos-jets - 001-stratos-jets-initial-visibility


Link Audit

The first problem we observed was a huge amount of spammy backlinks which were hurting the domain’s authority. The link audit and the disavow file we prepared resulted in the reduction of the referring domains by over 1000, leaving only the good and valuable links pointing to Stratos Jets’ website.

Technical clean-up

Cleaning the link profile was just the beginning. After a crawl of the website, we already knew that there were many technical problems that needed to be taken care of. We started by conducting indexation research, which put the website in a different light, revealing the lack of a proper indexation strategy. We set the noindex meta tag to the pages that shouldn’t appear in the search results and brushed up the sitemap. Later on, we fixed the broken and multiple redirects and got rid of the pages responding with errors. We also said goodbye to all the duplicate content on the remaining pages:

stratos-jets - 002-duplicate-content-1024x269

Additionally, the website was passing way too much authority by external dofollow links pointing to other service providers (accommodation, entertainment, food, etc.), so we restricted the flow of the outgoing link juice by changing some of the links to nofollow. We also optimized the URLs – we wanted them to reflect the website’s structure.

Restructuring and redesign

But that wasn’t enough. Together with the client, we decided that the website deserves a new layout, as we could see that the old pages were outdated and unintuitive to navigate. We took a look at Stratos Jets’ main competitors’ websites to see some good solutions (as well as the mistakes we wanted to avoid), and we created recommendations for the new website layout. We oversaw the designs for the new pages and provided feedback to the designer’s mockups. During and after the implementation, we carefully revised all the new pages to make sure that no mistakes were made and that they would provide the best value to visitors. We cooperated very closely with the website owner, developers, and copywriters throughout the entire process – working as a team helped us avoid the usual misunderstandings as we were all on the same page from the very beginning.

Most of all, we wanted to ensure that the website ended up being nice and easy to navigate, not only for users, but for bots – and that’s why we decided to reorganize the information architecture of the website and its main sections. The restructuration is still ongoing as the new pages are being uploaded to the website. We’re sure that the new information architecture will provide a better user (and robot) experience.

stratos-jets - 003-stratos-jets-new-information-architecture

You can see the results for yourself. Here is the old version of the home page:

stratos-jets - 004-stratos-jets-older-version-1-1

…and here’s the new, redesigned one:

stratos-jets - 005-stratos-jets-new-version

The content

Finally, the content: we cooperated closely with the team of copywriters, providing them with the keyword research we conducted and detailed content guidelines for each page. We also came up with ideas for the new pages and sections that would attract traffic from the long-tail queries.

It’s worth mentioning that not all of our recommendations have been implemented as of now, and we’re still working on improving Stratos Jets’ website.


We didn’t have to wait long to see the results – visibility started increasing soon after we started implementing our solutions. In fact, it hasn’t stopped growing ever since!

We’ll let the numbers speak for themselves:

  • 1931% increase in overall SEO visibility.
  • 195% increase in organic traffic.
  • 1000% increase in the number of keywords in TOP3 and TOP10.

That’s quite a takeoff, isn’t it?

stratos-jets - 006-keywords-1-2


stratos-jets - 007-keywords-2

Key Takeaway

Synergy provides the best results.

We couldn’t achieve such an astonishing outcome without a holistic approach – the combination of the link audit, technical SEO solutions, and content improvement made this possible.

Since the results were impressive and displayed a good example of SEO best practices, we submitted our work to the US Search Awards competition a few months ago. The jury set the project apart by having it shortlisted in the Best Use of Search – Travel/Leisure category.