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Javascript SEO is how you make sure that your JavaScript-powered website can be successful on Google.

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What are JavaScript SEO services?

JavaScript SEO services are focused on optimizing the JavaScript-powered content of your website. Although JavaScript has been a critical element of the web for many years now, search engines don’t process JavaScript code exactly like your users’ browsers, and this puts you at risk.

JavaScript SEO services entail making sure your JavaScript code allows:

  • Search engine crawlers to properly crawl your website and discover the JavaScript-injected links on your pages
  • Search engines to render the JavaScript-injected elements of your page so they are analyzed and indexed,
  • Your users to properly access your website regardless of their browser and connection,
  • Your pages to load quickly despite requiring additional JavaScript resources on top of source HTML.

When do you need JavaScript SEO services?

Unoptimized JavaScript can negatively influence both how search engines and your users browse your site.

No matter how advanced Google gets, its algorithms can’t interact with your pages just like your users do. Certain user-triggered events that developers commonly use as a signal to load new content onto a page, may never be triggered by Googlebot, so it may never see some of your content.

And if your website uses a modern JavaScript framework, you’re facing additional risk. These frameworks make it relatively easy to implement cutting-edge features on your website, but it often takes a while for Google to catch up to the most recent developments. Especially if you’re relying on modern JavaScript features to serve key content to your users, you need to make sure Google can see it too.

Moreover, although search engines other than Google may not account for much of your organic traffic, you should still make sure they can also discover everything that your site has to offer. And some of them are far behind Google in terms of technology, preventing them from properly processing modern JavaScript code.

As for your users, unoptimized JavaScript is usually the main burden on web performance. With so much web activity happening on mobile devices nowadays, you should make sure your JavaScript doesn’t prevent your pages from delivering a good user experience.

We will improve your website with regards to:

Own tools, no guesswork


We make sure that Google and other search engines are able to render your pages and see your content.

Expert team

JavaScript-injected elements

We check if any elements of your website, such as menus or main content, aren’t negatively affected when JavaScript is executed.

Unique attitude


We see if JavaScript is optimally run from the performance perspective and doesn’t negatively impact your web performance.

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Our workflow

  • Research

    We crawl your website with and without executing JavaScript and perform various other analyses to locate areas that need improving.

  • Index coverage analysis

    We check if your JavaScript content is being rendered and indexed correctly by search engines.

  • Preparing prioritized, actionable recommendations for your developers

    We want to work with your devs, and they love working with us. Direct communication allows for rapid improvement, which is why we prefer to join your communication channels. We identify the most severe problems and the lowest hanging fruit to provide you with instant gains.

  • Finding unique solutions to your unique needs

    With your business goals in mind, we prepare a plan of action that will work for you. Whether it’s switching to server-side rendering or using a more suitable JavaScript framework, we adjust the recommended strategy to your needs.

  • Support

    We are always available for ad hoc consulting.

Our customers love what we do

“I’ve worked with a dozen or more SEO companies. Your team has deeper knowledge and more actionable recommendations than anyone I’ve worked with.

Internally, we say that the top tier of SEO companies we’ve worked with play checkers. Onely plays chess.”

Brian H. Toolan

Co-Founder & CEO, TPC Interactive

“We were impressed by the technical depth of the initial audit and how fast Onely responded to our questions.” 

Kevin Indig

Head of SEO

“After implementing all of Onely’s strategies and implementations, the company’s organic traffic rose by 129%. The team was kind and professional, making working with them efficient and pleasant.”

Arkadiusz Łatko

Online Marketing Expert, Europejski Fundusz Leasingowy SA

“I don’t feel like they are a third-party service provider.

I feel that they are an internal part of our team.”

Joel A. Thomas

CEO, Stratos Jet Charters, Inc.

“They really know their stuff regarding technical SEO. The team is experienced with coding, analyzing server logs, and on-page optimization.”

Olivian Stoica

SEO Expert, 123FormBuilder SRL

“After months of stagnation, our visibility was suddenly unblocked and growing quickly right after we implemented recommendations from Onely.”

Łukasz Klimkiewicz

Head of IT, Abriga Polska